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How to Apply a Screen Protector

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Applying a screen protector is a precision task with one small slip up rendering the screen protector useless, there is nothing more annoying than buying a screen protect and ruining it before you have even put it on your device (beleive me I have done it) or applying a screen protector to a screen that has dust on it as this creates air bubbles.

Below are some guidlines to help you properly apply your screen protector.

Step - 1

Environment: You need to make sure the room you are going to apply the screen protector in is a dust free, well lit room.

Tip: One way to clear the dust from a room is to create steam in the room, you could do this by running the shower, or boiling a kettle, the moisture created by the steam will remove dust from the atmosphere

Step - 2

Wash Your Hands: Just in case you should accidently touch the sticky side of the screen protector, if you get it dirty you may as well throw it in the bin.

Tip: Do not dry your hands with a towel as you will more than likely get particles from the towel on your hands, let them dry naturally or use a hair dryer.

Step - 3

Clean the device: Use a lint free cloth to clean the device of all dust and grime, the smallest particle of dust will create an air bubble as the screen protector cannot make contact with the screen.

Tip: lay the device on a non slip surface like the underside of a mouse mat to stop it slipping about. Use compressed air to blow away any dust or a bicycle pump.

Step - 4

Remove protective film from screen protector: Be carefull when removing the protective film from the screen protector not to touch the sticky side or bend it in any way.

Tip: Cover the screen of your device with the lint free cloth whilst preparing the screen protector to stop any dust settling on the surface.

Step - 5

Lubricate Screen protector: Spray a small amount of soapy water to the sticky side of the screen protector (not to much, you dont want to get your device to wet) this will not only help you align the screen protector properly, but will help when removing any bubbles that may appear, hold the screen protector like you would a DVD.

Put about a quarter of a pint of warm water and 2 drops of washing up liquid in a plant water spayer like you use in the garden and set it to fine spray.

Step - 6

Apply the screen protector: Line up the protector with your device, and apply it as accurately as possible, the soapy water you sprayed on the screen protector should enable the protector to float on the surface of the device allowing you to adjust the positioning easily, once you are happy with the position press hard on one end of the screen protector to hold it in place and use a credit card to push the water out from in between the protector and the device. Repeat to remove any bubbles that may remain.

Tip: Wrap the credit card in good quality kitchen tissue to soak up any liquid that may come out from underneath the screen protector whilst securing the protector.

Step - 7

Wait: The protector may still be a bit slippy due to any remaining moisture between it and the device, the water will evaporate in time so it best to wait as long as possible to avoid slippage. (a few hours should do it)

Tip: Apply screen protector last thing at night to avoid temptation to not wait long enough.