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Archos 7 Screen Protector

FoliX FX-ANTIREFLEX screen protector - Archos 7

  • Cut to fit the shape and contours of Archos 7 Home Tablet screens. Guaranteed high-quality processing using the latest precision machines (laser-cutting technology) - Made in Germany!
  • Anti-reflective screen protection - glare-free and hard-coated! Ensures the screen is non-reflective and significantly improves its readability when working in sunlight or close to direct sources of light.
  • Highly scratch-proof, hard-coated surface! Extremely resistant: withstands 3H pencil harness at 500 g writing pressure.
  • Very simple to install - 100% bubble-free adhesion to a clean screen! The special silicon adhesive layer displaces the air when the foil is applied, and the latter automatically adheres snugly to the screen.
  • Operating functions are not diminished! This screen-protection foil procures a pleasant writing sensation and is optimised for use on touch screens.
  • Price - £6.49